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A framework for adaptive surveillance of emerging tick-borne zoonoses

Our objective was to develop an evidence-based framework for surveillance of emerging tick-borne zoonoses. We conducted a realist review to understand the available approaches and major challenges associated with surveillance of emerging tick-borne zoonoses. Lyme disease, with a specific focus on emergence in Canada, was used as a case study to provide real-world context, since the process of disease emergence is ongoing in this country. We synthesize the results to propose a novel framework for adaptive surveillance of emerging tick-borne zoonoses.!po=0.420168



Dr. Ralph Hawkins is a Calgary physician and one of this country's leading voices in the fight against Lyme disease. He says patients are being 'profoundly disrespected", and it's time to step up the fight. The public roundtable on Lyme disease is tonight from 7 to 9 at the Crowne Plaza in Fredericton.

As Lyme disease rapidly spreads in Canada, there is no immediate test to detect it

“The current test is based on your body’s immune response and that can take four weeks so its not a fast and responsive test and so our lab is looking at the interactions between the pathogen and different biomarkers that could come out in early disease that could actually be used as a more effective diagnostic,” says Wills (director at G.Magnotta Lyme disease Research Lab Dr. Melanie Wills.)



Major emerging vector-borne zoonotic diseases of public health importance in Canada.

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